Thursday, May 25, 2017

Holiday Homework

For all students taking O level on 29 May, good luck! :)

SPA Skill 3 - by Friday, 26 May


SPA Skill 3 Planning (Shells) - by Friday, 26 May

TYS Topical Topic 20, 21 and 22 - by Wednesday, 31 May

SPA Skill 3 Planning (Tablet) - by Thursday, 01 June

Holiday homework on Google classroom - by 01 July

Higher Chinese
Workbook - by Friday, 26 May
Exam papers - by Friday, 26 May

There will be a quiz on Friday, 26 May

2008 O level SBQ - by Tuesday, 06 June

Every Sunday, send photo of A Math progress to Miss Tan

Social Studies:
2010 and 2015 O Level SBQ - when school opens

Other Subjects (Please let me know by emailing me or whatsapp the homework):


For those interested in DSA - JC:

The application period has begun for some JCs. If you are interested, please apply for DSA - JC for your JC during the application period for that particular JC!

For those interested in EAE to a polytechnic:

The polytechnics have confirmed the EAE application period to be from 22 Jun 2017 (2pm) to 28 Jun 2017 (4pm). If you are interested, please apply online through the EAE portal during this period.

All the best!

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