Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Homework given on 10 May 2017

Ecology Worksheet - by the next lesson
Please note that there is Biology lesson on Thursday, 11 May, from 3.30pm to 4.30pm.



Mindmap (Refer to google classroom) - by Thursday, 11 May

Higher Chinese
Exam papers - by Thursday,  11 May
Please remember to pass your $22 to Miss Tan!

Essay - by the next history lesson

AM Mentor Plane Geometry, Q1 to Q21 by Tuesday, 16 May
Please revise for Plane Geometry Quiz on Thursday, 11 May!

Social Studies:
Newsletter - by Thursday, 11 May

Other Subjects (Please let me know by emailing me or whatsapp the homework):


For those interested in DSA - JC:

The application period has begun for some JCs. If you are interested, please apply for DSA - JC for your JC during the application period for that particular JC!

For those interested in EAE to a polytechnic:

The polytechnics have confirmed the EAE application period to be from 22 Jun 2017 (2pm) to 28 Jun 2017 (4pm). If you are interested, please apply online through the EAE portal during this period.

All the best!

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